International Artist Portfolio

We support many talented and investment-worthy artists, helping to promote their works to galleries and potential buyers across Europe. Maggio can provide art from across a wide and international contemporary spectrum of art, be it photography, paintings, video, sculptures or other media

Unlike others, we do welcome unsolicited artists' portfolios: 

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A small sample of our works:


Davide Fordiani

Hidden within what appears as a carefree painting gesture, there is the radical, continuous and systematic choice not to celebrate whatever moment has jus gone.

Damien Schwander

Peindre c’est rechercher un équilibre entre l’ordre et le désordre, l’harmonie et le chaos ». C’est la réponse que je donne à la question que l’on me pose lorsque l’on découvre mes tableaux.

Amirna Raveendran

The environment that I am working in and my body movement in relation to the space around me plays an influential role in the creation of my pieces. The physicality is hugely important. Each brush stroke, movement of paint and mix of colours helps me create considered chaos in my paintings, whilst also transferring my movement as the artist.

Karen Weatherbee

The image at arm’s length blurs to a delicate haze, mirroring the visual white noise that occurs with those living with autism. However, on closer inspection, if the viewer moves closer, rocking back and forth over the image, the surrounding light and hand shadowing can begin to define the very precise drawn images. This very action gives the viewer a small insight as to why someone with this condition will often cover part of their peripheral vision in a physical way, so that they may process a smaller view.


My work of art is like a volcanic eruption, every time it happens my soul bursts with inspirations and explodes.

Davide Scafariello

My canvases are simply a blurred vision of the reality, because there is no unique truth, but a mix of colours where you are free to feel and imagine your own reality.

Vito Stramaglia

The form is crushed and lost shaping the original subject in an overwhelming and powerful message of strength and tenderness


Erica Campanella

Antique memories mingle with modern photographic slants, deep sensuality with surreal clearness.