Photo by the baldwin gallery

Photo by the baldwin gallery

Photo by the baldwin gallery

Photo by the baldwin gallery

Betwixt at the Hospital

I was recently invited to a private view of the Baldwin Gallery’s ‘Betwixt’ and once again I was impressed by the bold curatorial choice of the fantastic Hospital Club.

With this very elegant temporary exhibition, photographic works by two Canadians artists, Meryl McMaster and David Ellingsen, are mesmerising the Club’s members as they drink & dine.

The young Canadian Meryl, despite her cute shyness during the Q&A, shows a great maturity of visual challenge. The allure of the colour and motion in her works really steal the limelight. David’s works, whilst promising, suffer rather from the ‘not-another-skull’ feeling, due to the over-exposed Damien Hirst variant that has bewitched diamond lovers and caused art consultant nightmares since 2007.

Go: if you like to be challenged by oneiric images in beautiful spaces and if you want to start using words like ‘betwixt’ and ‘anthropocene’ in your 2018 vocabulary.

Don’t go: if you think that skulls ‘shouldn’t be objectified’ or that ‘photography should primarily document real life’… (Yes, I am quoting you my friend, who ditched me on the day of the private view!)


The EY Exhibition: Impressionists in London,    Tate Britain, London

A very familiar story of talented people who had to flee to Britain to escape war in France

In Brexit times, this exhibition is a very useful reminder of how Britain was perceived by some talented people, threatened in their own countries. Britain was the place to be, to emerge and to be appreciated more than anywhere else in Europe at that time.

Nowadays, can we still say the same?

Without getting too political, this exhibition is an incredible collection of great pieces by DeNittis, Monet, Tissot, Sisley, Derain and Legros.

Go: if you want to have the great confirmation that art has always been with no barriers or borders. 

Don’t go: if you think that history doesn’t teach us much.

Maggio Art Consultancy London

Robert Rauschenberg Exhibition, Tate Modern, until 2 April 2017

When you studied a little bit of American Contemporary Art but everything feels blurry but exciting, you go to the Robert Rauschenberg Exhibitions.

The interest, the number of mesmerised people visiting and reading and staring then, convince you that you are in the right show.

But then, images become less and less communicative, to you only apparently, and videos of dancers are not able to uplift you from the very much craved white rabbit hole.

Go: To learn at least one name for the American Modern Art movement.

Don't Go: if you need cardboard for your moving and you feel they could have a better use with you instead of at the Tate.

LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, 2016? No, Thank you.

The art displayed at LAPADA 2016 was like your bookshelf: you know your books, you know the story and you know if they are interesting or NOT.

When you are tired of them though, you display some always fashionable Lalique vases, some overpriced African art and vintage diamond rings.

Done! the fee for the stand is almost covered.

Don't go: if you have some gardening to do.

Go: if you missed all the Art Fairs in 2015 and 2016.

Painting by Phil Shaw.  (Same old same old.)




Where my Toys are..

Newport Street Gallery: Jeff Koons exhibition

When your name is Damien and you are wealthy, arty and with some 'toys' to show off, you open a gallery.

Possibly, you ask very talented architects to transform your listed storage into a vast airy white cube.

Then, you ask your friends to bring their bright and (spoiler alert) sexually explicit toys along...and the party of  'are they really worth my time?' is ON !

Don't go: for your first date or if your parents are in town.

Go for: the flights of stairs! Excellent example of design, wood, plaster and brick combination. 

KusamaYayoi in Victoria Miro

If you had an argument with your boyfriend and you just want to feel efficient and proactive, you can immerse yourself in a cosmic field of pumpkins and disappear in them..

Go for: the Instagram photo of the month.

Don't go: if you are claustrophobic